Ancestral Healing - Sandra Rea - Author, Healer and Speaker

What happens when you begin to heal ancestral wounds?

What You'll Experience...

Work with the Angels to heal your ancestral karma, break negative ties and heal harmful cycles and patterns that have been recurring through generations.

You will heal both the Maternal (mother) line and the paternal (father) line.

When you stop ancestral wounds from continuing in your own life and also in your descendants lives you take back your power. No more repeating the fear, destructive behaviour, illness and self-sabotage. 

Break the cycle, end the suffering.

Why is Ancestral Healing Important now?

When you are unconsciously repeating destructive patterns, you are not fully in your power and it may seem as if some outside force is at work, sabotaging your life or some aspect of it. 

The truth is that these ancestral wounds can be easily healed and released.

The earth and humanity are ascending to higher levels of being BUT when we are anchored in our past through these ancestral ties, we can’t rise up...

It’s time to break the ties and take back your power!

Who Can Benefit?
This healing benefits everyone! 

The first time I personally did this process I was surprised at how palpable the shift was, I literally felt as if someone had lifted a heavy weight off my body. You know that feeling when you’ve been carrying a heavy backpack around all day and the relief you feel when you finally take it off... that type of release!

Some will notice subtle shifts and a lightness of energy, others will experience big shifts in their lives. The ripple effects of this work also reaches out through generations, healing both your Ancestral lineage and your descendant lineage.

I Feel So Light

Thank you Sandra, I feel so light this was an amazing healing and meditation. Many blessings to you

~ Julie

This was amazing!

Thank you so much for this Sandra. I could actually feel the healing & afterwards felt so much better & I am so grateful for that! I will be doing this healing again & again. Much love & thanks to you.

~ Lorraine

Really Powerful

This was a really powerful session. I could feel the healing instantly. Thank You Sandra.

~ Pooja

What You'll Get...

Inside Heal Your Ancestral Lineage you will be working with the Angels to heal ancestral karma, break ties, cycles and patterns on both the maternal and paternal lines.

You’ll also be working with:

Archangel Micheal - To cut negative ties

Archangel Zadkiel - To transmute heavy energy

Shekinah - To activate unity consciousness

Metatron - For multidimensional healing

Get Instant Access to:

  • Ancestral Healing preparation video.
  • Lifetime access to Heal Your Ancestral Lineage guided by Sandra.
  • Audio download of the healing with music to listen to at any time.

If you are feeling called to work with your ancestors and the Angels to heal ancestral wounds, it would be my honour to assist you.

Please note, this healing is extremely powerful. You may find profound shifts taking place in your life.

How do I join?

Simply sign up below to get immediate access to everything - the healing, the preparation video and the guided meditation audio download.

Investment:​ €70

You can click the button below to access straight away.

Because your deserve this healing and I want to see you shine.

100% Money Back Guarantee

I know how important and powerful Ancestral Healing can be and I’d love for you to experience it for yourself. I guarantee you'll notice the difference in your life... And if you don’t experience a shift by the end of the healing, all you need to do is email me - [email protected] (within 48hrs of purchase) and I will refund your investment - no questions asked

From Victim to Empowered...

Our Ancestors are calling us to heal the hurt, suffering and vows that they made in fear and that we have been carrying with us. 

Honouring that they did the best they could at the time but also acknowledging that it doesn’t have to continue. The choices that were made out of fear don’t have to keep repeating over and over, generation after generation.

We have been assigned this role, to break the cycle and end the suffering...

Because it’s time for you to stand strong in your power!

Super Powerful

This one was super powerful, my entire body was jumping and tingling. I felt like so much negativity was being pull out of me. Thank you so much Sandra!

~ Monica

Huge Profound Effect

This meditation had a huge profound effect, like no other has ever had. I cannot thank you enough for helping me release all the limiting baggage I have carried. I now look forward to a new, enlightened way of life.... thank you so much again.

~ Angela

So Relaxing and Healing

Thank you Sandra for this meditation it was so relaxing and healing. I feel lighter with inner peace and calm. Peace and Blessings to you.

~ Gloria

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