Make 2018 Your 
Best Year Ever!

Consult your soul to achieve your goals!

I remember when I was younger I’d sit down to eagerly write out my New Years resolutions. It was fun and I always had the best of intentions and yet, and yet, they never seemed to stick. After a few weeks they’d be broken or forgotten and life went on as before. 

Sound familiar? 

We all have aspirations, dreams and desires. We all want to be, do and have more. We’re all searching for something…

But what I have found is that unless we are aligned with our soul’s desires, we will never feel fulfilled. 

What's Missing?

When you chase your dreams from a place of lack or wanting, you will never feel fulfilled because your motives are off. So what’s the solution?

Let me tell you, but first I’d like to introduce myself.


and I’m here to help you to feel better than you have felt in years. Release the blocks which have been holding you back (some of which you may not even be aware of). Gain clarity in your life and step into your power and purpose.

I have worked with hundreds of clients to help them achieve drastic transformation and profound spiritual growth.

What Others Say


I found Sandra to be excellent, the session was very relaxed yet thorough and exactly for what I was looking for when I booked the workshop. Sandra is very personable and it was a very holistic approach to goal setting. I came out feeling motivated and focused and have already put into practice a lot of what I've learned from it. I would recommend Sandra's workshop to anyone who is looking to create direction in their life.




The content of the workshop was exactly how it was described on the website. Sandra is very knowledgeable and makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed. The meditations used were short and very effective and the surroundings could not have been better. I left the workshop with an understanding of how to set and manifest my Goals. It was very relaxing and informative and I would recommend this workshop to all.



“The opportunity to attend Sandra's "Your Best Year Ever" retreat couldn't have come at a perfect time for me :) I left Sandra's workshop feeling more connected to my higher self and more confident in the messages I receive and how they are presented to me. Thank you again.”


Since those days of setting New Years resolutions and hoping for the best, I have discovered a better way to achieve my dreams. 

It’s not rocket science but it does require some commitment. Since you’re here reading this, you’re ready for that commitment and you know that the alternative of hoping for the best doesn’t work and you’ve been down that road too many times.

Do You Want To:

1. Align with Soul Desires?

Discover soulful goal setting so that you can align your personal desires with your soul desires.

2. Clarify Soul Intentions?

Be guided by your soul (not your ego), get really clear about your soul intentions.

3. Get Unstuck?

Uncover the one thing that has kept you stuck and struggling. (Unless you get this, you’ll always be fighting an uphill battle.)

5. Work With Your Divine Helpers?

Work with your spirit guides and Angels to craft a massive plan for success in all areas of your life.

4. Co-Create with The Universe?

Learn to create from a space of love not from a state of lack.

6. Become A Master Manifestor?

Create an action plan to map out your soul goals and become a manifesting Goddess!

Its Time to open up to a higher power

If you’ve been disconnected from your source and you’ve been relying on the ego to make decisions for you, it’s time to open up to a power greater than you, a guiding force that guides the movement of the planets and the cosmos, the force that breathes life through you. This guiding light is ready, willing and able to gift you the life you crave, the life you deserve.

But while you remain disconnected from this guiding light, you can’t hear it’s promptings, you can’t follow it’s guidance and you remain stuck.

Its my honour to be your mentor and guide

Whatever brought you here, I’m going to guide you to grater clarity, purpose and fulfilment than you have ever experienced before.

Your Best Year Ever is not about airy fairy concepts, It is action orientated in the most spiritual ways.

During this one day mini retreat, I’ll guide you to connect with your soul through meditation, personal inquiry and proven spiritual exercises with an intimate group of like minded soul seekers. 

You don’t have to meditate for three hours a day, drink green juice or dance naked under the full moon! All you need is a desire to build your dream life.

Join Us For A Day of Magic

We are going to be gathering in Sandyford, Dublin on Saturday 23rd June. We'll start our day at 10am and finish up at 5pm, inspired, uplifted and transformed.

So What's the

I probably should be charging €500 for this level of training, but I want to make this mini retreat as accessible as possible to you. With this in mind, your investment is only €150.

However, the real investment is the time you put into it.

Plus, if you book before Monday 4th June you get the super low early booking rate of €80.

I guarantee whatever you invest now will come back to you manifold!

It’s my experience that whenever I have invested in a mentor for my own personal growth, it has propelled me forward in untold ways, much faster than I could have ever achieved by myself.

This Retreat will Sell Out

If you're ready to make 2018 your

Best Year Ever, enrol now at the

best rate ever!

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