Angelic Healing Meditations Offer - Sandra Rea - Author, Healer and Speaker

Vibrant health, love and prosperity are possible
for you now with the help of the Angels...
...Even if this is your first time working with your Angels.
...Even if you never seem to get a response from the Angels.
...Even if you don't know if this will work for you!

You want to live a vibrant, joyful, healthy life without the weight of stress, ill health and low energy.

You want to experience the freedom of an abundant, prosperous life without having to constantly worry about money.

You want to have loving, fulfilling relationships and experience the joy of sharing your life with your ideal partner.

I'm Here To Help

I’m Sandra, an Author & Spiritual Teacher. I have a genuine passion for helping empaths like you to deeply heal, step into your power and live an abundant, prosperous life.

The missing piece of the Puzzle...

…one thing that has kept you stuck and struggling is that you’ve been relying on your own personal power and you've been disconnected from your source.

It’s time to open up to a power greater than you, a guiding force that guides the movement of the planets and the cosmos, the force that breathes life through you. The guiding light that is ready, willing and able to gift you the life you crave, the life you deserve.

That's why I have created THREE high vibration, Angelic Healing Guided Meditations to allow you to:
Release Health Blocks, so that you can experience vibrant health, wellbeing & joy in your life.

Release Money Blocks, so that you can welcome unlimited prosperity into your life.

Release Relationship Blocks, so that you can open up to receiving a loving, lasting relationship.

And they work wonders!

What Others are Saying:


"Honestly these meditations are amazing. I am clearing so much... Will be highly recommending this meditation bundle to everyone."



"I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience... It's very much needed at this moment in time so thanks again."



"It's amazing, you are an amazing earth angel and teacher.  Thank you so much for guiding us in such a wonderful meditation."


What will you experience?

During these guided meditations, I will take you through a process of:

- Connecting with the Angels for guidance, healing and support.

- Setting positive intentions for the desires you want to manifest.
- Reprogramming subconscious beliefs that have been sabotaging your progress.
- Feeling a sense of deep peace, healing and release.

- Cleansing your aura (energy field) of blocks that have been holding you back.

- Attuning your energy to your desires.

​And SO much more!

What You'll Receive

Guided Meditation 1:

Release Health Blocks

Release Health Blocks - and experience vibrant health AND happiness.

Guided Meditation 2:

Release Money Blocks

Release Money Blocks - and become a MAGNET for prosperity.

Guided Meditation 3:

Release Relationship Blocks

Release Relationship Blocks - and open up to healthy, loving relationships.

PLUS, two bonus meditations:
Angels of Abundance & Ignite Your Inner Light. 

I'm So excited for you to experience miraculous transformation! 

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Angelic Healing Meditation Bundle + Bonuses.

Sandra Rea is an author, healer and spiritual teacher. She helps people to connect with and experience the Angels on a whole new level. She is the host of the Fiercely Spiritual Podcast and founder of Fiercely Spiritual Family members group. She lives in Ireland where she spends her days doing the work that she loves, meditating and having fun with her children.  

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